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Isigoing is a way of life.


My hunger precedes me. For this reason, I decided to create this space to tell you about my travels through taste and to give life to a tribe of gastro-nomads, inviting you to take part in it.


Gastronomy by passion and by profession, I abandoned my dusty law degree in a drawer to follow my dreams.

Why call me a gastro-nomad ? Because my love for good food and wine, hand in hand with my work and even before my studies, have often led me to leave home.


I was born and raised in Italy, in Turin, but my insatiable curiosity has always dragged me around the world, from Australia to Spain, from the United States to South Africa, to discover different cultures, people and stories.


My enthusiasm for life mixes with my desire to share and transpires in everything I think, say and do.


ALT! Let's take a small step back.


I consider myself a wannabe actress and a failed jurist, with the awareness I must be doing something right : making the courageous decision to change completely course, obtaining a Master in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, where I fully embraced the philosophy of Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food and the motto ''Good, Clean and Fair"..


I then flew to Chicago, as Food & Wine Storyteller, dealing with Food Events and Education at Eataly , to finish a few years later organizing international fairs dedicated to premium at the court of Pitti Immagine in Florence .


Why tell you all this? Because this 2020 and this pandemic have marked a watershed of profound change in our personal and professional life. It is not and will not be a walk in the park, but the desire to take you with me on this new adventure is called


My goal is to change the status quo:

in a world that takes us apart, there is a way to unite people and places through gastronomic experiences and tradition, to make known and give voice to small and large realities based on craftsmanship, excellence and sustainability. These values ​​are important, but they only become powerful if they are shared.


Ah, then I like to listen to stories and tell them. I believe in smiles between strangers, in walking barefoot and in grandmother's recipes.


You're one of us?

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